One computer not showing up

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One computer not showing up

I have just installed CopperLan and I got a question.
I have 3 computers
- MacBook Pro 17"2011 running Mountain Lion
- Windows 7 64 PC
- Windows XP 32 PC notebook
I have installed CopperLan in all of the computers. My Mac and my PC Notebook see each other through CopperLan but I cant get to desktop PC (windows 7) to detect other computers or to be seen by them. They are all connected to the same network, same workgroup, passing through the same router. The PC notebook is connected via wi-fi and the other 2 computers are connected via cable. There is something I may have overlooked, it doesn't make sense. Windows 7 computer should be easier to setup than the XP computer...

Please help

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Thank you
Запачкался монитор. Я нажал кнопку мой компьютер. Не моет.

Thinking is a very dangerous thing.
You've forgotten to turn the "Network discovery" function on.
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