What would prevent 2 computers on a lan from communicating by TCP/IP?

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What would prevent 2 computers on a lan from communicating by TCP/IP?

My home network is a simple setup, broadband into a generic wireless router, a XP Home system plugged into the router via ethernet, and a XP Pro system connected wirelessly. Both computers can hit the internet just fine, and can connect to the router. Problems arise when I want to link the computers together. I could not hit file shares on one PC from the other until I enabled Netbios. Okay, fine, now that's working. But I still want to use other types of networking between the two PC's. Even though I have a web server installed on the wireless PC. The computers can ping each other, but when the PC is internal IP address , I just get a timeout error. The computer can see itsself via 127.x though. Other stuff like library sharing via itunes is not working either. What could be causing the block here? I thought 2 computers on a LAN would be able to see each other. Neither computer is running any type of firewall software, and it has XP's own firewall enabled. Anything else I could check to try troubleshooting this?

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