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Early Retirement - what to do about healthcare?

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Early Retirement - what to do about healthcare?

Looking for some thoughts from those who have retired early. We're currently in our late 30s and have saved approximately $2M+. We're young and live in a HCOL location. We're not looking to retire anytime soon, but have definitely started playing with the numbers to see what "my number" would be to retire. Our current expenses are around $75K - $100K per year (including mortgage). At a 4% withdrawal rate, this equals savings of $1.9M - $2.5M. If we were to move to a LCOL location, this number would come down.  My question is around healthcare costs and specifically, insurance. I entered our information into our state ACA exchange and the numbers are just off the charts. For a simple plan, the premiums are around $18K per year, with out of pocket deductibles around $10K. So by retiring early, I would need to pay potentially $28K additional in healthcare costs. At a 4% withdrawl rate, this means an additional savings of $700,000! So my question....for those who retired early (say in your 40s or early 50s), how did you handle healthcare? Did you go through ACA? Get another job to get healthcare benefits (not really retired then)?
I'm stumped at how anyone retires early unless they have 3 or 4 million in the bank.

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